Michael Calder - Founder

Michael Calder's love of pizza started in 1973, when he was introduced to the art of crafting perfect pies at Mello's Pizza in Pleasant Hill, California. He worked alongside an Italian family - folding in the tradition, balance of flavors, and love for the art they brought to the United States.

Michael pursued his passion for bringing families together around the dining table, motivating him to open his own pizza parlor that served real and original pizzas for over 30 years. Michael continues to enrich the communities he serves with only the finest hand-picked and cut ingredients to prepare delicious family-style meals.

In 2012, Michael brought his pizza to his new community in Modesto, and established Michael's Pizza Bar and Grill. Here, Michael remains committed to serving his fresh, authentic pies that have always kept his customers coming back for more.

The menu at Michael's Pizza Bar and Grill has many options that are sure to satisfy any palette. We serve a variety of traditional and specialty pizzas, crisp salads, sizzling salmon, stacked sandwiches and juicy burgers, hot appetizers, pasta, and much more! Michael's Pizza Bar and Grill also has a full bar that serves specialty cocktails, as well as premium beer, wine, and spirits. We also open bright and early every morning with a great breakfast menu.


From our breakfast pizza to "Michael's Masterpiece", Michael's Pizza Bar and Grill is ready to provide you with a dining experience filled with great food, fun, and good company. Come join Michael as he celebrates a passion for entertainment, fueled by the perfect pizza.

What goes into each pizza?

At Michael’s, we use a special dough recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation by a sweet Italian family who came to the United States with a dream to serve the world their family-famous pizza pie. The recipe is a two-day process that must never be rushed. On the first day, we mix all the secret ingredients together, then let the dough rest overnight; the dough must get lots of beauty sleep to make sure it is ready to wake up early the next day to create the most beautiful crust you have ever laid your eyes on. After the dough has risen overnight, we lay it out to hand cut and weigh each piece. We then take the Dough Man, form it into a perfect little ball, give it a little smash, and put it into a case that has been specially designed for Michael’s Pizza. This case helps the dough continue to rise and manifest to the flavor you crave for.

After you decide on your favorite pizza pie, we take Mr. Dough out of his little box, and the magic begins. We flour the ball, press it out, hand-form the crust, stretch the dough out, and - at the hands of a pizza master - up in the air it flies. Some say we toss it so high that it almost reaches heaven, which explains why we think our pizza is just shy of heavenly.